iSpider Lite

4.7 ( 2737 ratings )
Игры Развлечения Карточные Стратегии
Разработчик Daniel Niemeyer

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iSpider 2.0 has been fully re-designed in order to offer the best playing experience with its all new ultra fast performance right out of the box. Now you can save multiple deals to play right away, or save and store for later. Experience reliable controls as both hint and undo features were re-imagined in order to offer more consistency and flow.

iSpider features the true sophistication of spider solitaire games, now taken to the next level for the iPhone and iPad. Experience the full reality of picking up, dragging and managing real cards anywhere.

Now with iCloud sync you can start playing on the big screen at home and finish the same match on the go with your iPhone. Simply decide what works best for you, local matches or cloud enabled ones. Its that simple!

The objective of Spider Solitaire is to remove cards from play in the fewest moves possible. Line up runs of cards from king through ace in the same suit to remove them. At higher difficulty settings, you can also alternate red and black suits to line up, turn over, and move cards—but you still need runs to remove cards.

Enjoy some of iSpiders most popular features.

• Play with one, two or even four different suits.
• iCloud Support
• Save multiples deals for a later play
• Undo moves
• Hint future plays
• Multiple customization themes.
• Game statistics.
• Leaderboards and Achievements

Challenge your mind. Play games by yourself, or simply Beat your friends high-score by challenging them online with Game Center.